3 weeks!

Yesterday we had a ”grooming” day with deworming, weighing and cutting the nails!
The pups did good, they like the contact, and are calm – but not so happy about the deworming 🙂

They are now all over the kennel, not only in the puppie basket… So – no more freedom 😉

I am planning a trip to Sweden, via Amsterdam, Germany and Denmark – heading to Stockholm. The trip will be in the end of december and I still has room in the car for either a pup or a older trained dog. This means that shippingcost will be lower than usual if we were to send the pup/dog. Interested? Contact me or Mosse on mail. My email are: dogsbyfyhr@hotmail.com

Here are som pics of the pups – Boys first!

And then the Girls:



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