Novice winner 2013!

Lass and me has had a great first competition season!
We have been competing in Central leage Nursery series both in the Nursery class and Novice class.

Our (my) goal was to just do it, to practise on the competition part. It was just a great bonus that it went so well! We became the winner of this years Novice class and on 5 out of 8 trials (we couldn’t attend three of the trials) we collected 21 points and that put us on a shared 8 place with Lotta Magnusson and Maid. The 5 with highest points made the team.

We say congrats to the Team Mambers and Peter Martin (picture below) that are this years Team Captain!
PeterMartin1 Team1From the left:
L. Magnusson with Kate
I. Brownlie with Spike
P. Martin with Jess
D. Kinloch with Nell
M. Magnusson with Nell

And the mandatory picture of us 😉


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