Old congratulations!

I think it is really fun that relatives to my dogs and pup’s after Sue is doing so good in different sports!

I want to give a big congrats to Tobias with Rozz who is doing great in agility and jumping! they took the other weekend two Certificates and a champion title just the other day in jumping. We are crossing our fingers for a champion title soon in agility as well. Rozz is Lass brother.

Lass sister Tikka is doing good in obedience, they compete class 3 in Finland and had a win with 311 out of 320 points the other day, Now they are in the highest class!

Also Lass sister Yippie is doing good in jumping and agility, she won class 1!

Helena with Sisu, a pup after Sue/Hill is doing fab in agility and jumping! She is competing both in Finland and Spain. They won two class 3 in spain recently!


Big congrats to you all!
Me and my girls are actually entered to some herding competitions here in Scotland this summer, we see what happens 🙂 There is tough opponents here and I have not been competing that much. But it will be a really good experience! For now we are training and working with the lambing. A favorit for both me but especially Lass. She is a great help when you need to catch lambs!



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