Blairgowrie Trial!

Blairgowrie Sheepdog Trial was on today and I was enterd with both Lass and Sue.

Started on the morning with Sue, she went really well but I do not think when I compete so I did not think of the lines at all. But Sue had a great pace with the sheep and handled everything nice!

We ended up on 5’th place (The local list) and on the open I do not know. The winner had 98 points and me and Sue had 83 so I am very pleased.
This was the results top 6:

1. J.Mengis/Cher 98
2. N.Campbell/Cass 96
3. I.Wilkie/Maid 94
4. S.Davidson/George 94
5. J.McKillop/Joe 94
6. N.McEachern/Cloe 92

With Lass it went well, a little more wobbly with missed gates (I give up to soon…). At the pen the sheep faced her and she did hold her ground until I told her (yes I said I was’nt thinking) to grip… So that was what she did and we retired after that :). I can’t blame the dog for listening 😉

I am happy about this day because I stuck to the plan that was to be a bit more active when I am working the girls, to fight my nerves. For it to be better I need to be even more active. But we take small steps here!