Eyes clear!

Lass is going to be mated to Kevin Evans Caleb this weekend but before that we had to check her eyes and everything was as it should be!

Eyes clear! We did also a blood test for CEA that will take some weeks before we know the results. She should be DNA normal by parentage (her father is DNA normal and both her grandparents on her mothers side is DNA normal) but you never know!

I will write more about the combination when they have had the mating. If you are interested in a pup – please contact me at dogsbyfyhr@hotmail.com
The pups will be born and raised in Stockholm/Sweden and FCI registerd in the Swedish kennel club.

Here is a picture of Lass from last may and a picture of Kevin Evans Caleb (I do not know who the photographer is)

Lass1557962_246478378822095_905458231_nI will take new pictures and hopefully a film on Caleb during the weekend. Until then! Bye!


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