News on the site

I am still working a little now and then on this site. The goal is to soon have a photoalbum (probably on google+) there all your pics can go in your own album. I think it will be great when it is done… Thats the problem! Taking the time to do it 🙂

I have been in Scotland for about 1 mont now, the Lass/Caleb litter is soon 8 month and Bic has started his training here in Scotland. Before we came here we have been to sheep a few times, mostly just around sheep, not training on them.
Here, the first time he was a bit rough but he has been on sheep about 6 times now and he is looking very natural and willing to please. Now we have been off training for 2 weeks and he will soon be started again. I have seen a video from Aibee, Tough and Ell and it is so nice for me as a breeder to see how and what the pups are doing. It is a great tool for me to see how Lass (and Caleb) breeds if there are going to be another litter in the future!

Here is a short movie on Bic’s third time on sheep here in scotland. I put som music on this one but I will do a short one with no music soon also.


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