New pictures!

I’ve got some pictures from Emelie who owns Fyhr’s Ell. You can find them here

I get information now and then about the last litter and it seems that this litter is fairly even. I met Tough the other week when they where here in Scotland training. He and Bic, the only males, are really alike in behavior. I also got information that both Aibee and Ell has grown up now and are big ladies 😛

I think it is first now I have been able to start to train Bic more seriusly, it is first now that he can take a bit of pressure from me with sheep. He has natural outruns, have a tendency to be a bit wide at times. There he is different from his mother who, when she was a young dog wanted to push sheep everywhere. She had no intensions at all to bring the sheep to me. Bic has since he was a pup wanted to bring me the sheep. It is really nice to train a talanted young dog with a lot of will to please. But I think he is growing a bit tougher everyday and also a bit more stubborn even with sheep! Me like!
I have noot been very active with the camera but some friends has taken pictures of Bic. When I have the time I will show them here 🙂 Here is a old picture from when Bic was about 8 month old.



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