Competition and results!

I don’t know how many times I have been writing that I shall take the time to sit here and update this site. Well, now I have done a little and there is coming more on litter plans in the near future.

The Sue and Dave pups is all grown up, this fall they will turn three and they are out working o trialing now. Looking forward to hear the results during this summer. Lass and Caleb litter are also growing up, on their way to be 2 years. Perfect Tough have been out a little on the trial field both in agility and herding. He passed the Swedish sheepdog test this spring. Good work!
My own Bic is developing and I use him now and then in my work. He has been a bit unlucky this spring with a injury that I hope is well now.

I was on vacation in Sweden this last week, actually trialing 4 days with Lass. My nerves is not the best but I want to develop on the trialfield. My goal this year is to calm down and learn the rules of trialing, lines and shedding and so on 😉
Bic shall also this summer pass the swedish sheepdog test I just have not a good stop on him yet 😛 He has a lot of pusch, and I like it, we just have to be a little more syncronized before entering the trialfield!

On the first trial Lass was 5 & 7 (of 61), she handled the sheep really good, she was praised by the judge and that makes me happy. The first day on trial two was difficult and I never got hold of Lass, she felt me getting nervous and did her own thing. She ended 14’th from 36 starters. On the last day we came 2’nd and that made me very happy. Never have I thought that my first time in Sweden trialing in the highest class with very experienced handlers and I would be able to be in the top. So, I am very happy and Lass was very happy with all the extra love and attention she got. Now we are back at work and she is doing exactly what she loves.

Until next time, take care



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