Swedish Championships – quarter finals

Earlier this year I started a few opens with Lass for training. I am use to work with my dogs but I really do not have much experience with trials. So I need to work on my handling and my nerves a lot. Anyhow, it went well an we qualified to the Swedish quarter finals that was held this weekend.

The trial was not easy and there was a lot of things happening that usually did not happen to some dogs. The grass was very rich and high plus the sheep was very heavy with a strong pull towards the place where they where taken away from the course. This meant that some packs just bolted towards this point and it was hard holding the sheep on straight lines, many dogs had to work very hard to stop and convince the sheep to go the other way!

Day one we hade a quiet good run. Lass hold on to the sheep well and did the close work good. we had 89 point out of 110.
The second day we had a late start and I was building up nerves when I saw the other handlers and dogs.
My plan from the beginning was to start this quarter finals and I had no intension to do anything else than our best – the goal was not to win or to be one of the 15 best that weekend. But at the end of this day my expectation was higher, I wanted not just to show that Lass and I can work sheep, but I wanted to do it ok. And if I did I could be one of the 15…

The handler before me sent his dog but the dog never found the sheep. On a normal trial with lighter sheep that did not have the same pull I probably never would have thought about the idea to accept a new pack, when the judge asked me if I wanted one I almost said yes but started to think about my co competitors and the time that would take, it was already late. So I accepted the pack that was strongly hold on the top by four people and several dogs and that also had stod there for a longer time than a normal pack.
Lass did a great outrun and a good lift. Then it felt like an sheepexplosion and the sheep just bolted… fast. And Lass and I really tried but I was not very good handler and never got any good pace or hold on to the sheep.
So we did a zick-zack course and I thought to my self that if we should have any chanse to make it we had to do all the course. Many people had a problem with shed/single so I just said – just do it, don’t think about how nice it will look.

Lass was very good and I took a lot of help from her to make room to do a shed. She came in good and had controll when a second later one of the three sheep that she did not look at attacked her from behind. And Lass does not like that and turned before I could say anything an answerd back, not bad, but she said to the sheep that that was not the way to treat her!
I asked the judge if that was ok and he said it was fine and we did a pen and nice single! Overall I am happy about Lass will to listen and will to try and please me. But I lack some trial experience handling sheep like this and keep the good lines and fancy points. But we had a great experience and I am happy to have a strong dog in close work that never gives up.

We ended 9th in total and we are very happy about that! We had a great time camping with friends and other dogs and enjoyed our vaccation in sweden!

Extra was also that the week before Bic passed the Swedish sheepdog test with 87 points. He had a lot of forward and push but I am happy about that result 🙂
Now we will train for the semi finals in october and other is that we are waiting for Lass to come in to season.
Have a nice week until next time




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