The Swedish Championship

Have not had the time to put down in writing how the weekend in beginning of october was for us. I can start with my own feeling about just beeing there.
I felt very much as a beginner and that my trial experience was a bit lov. i dont know how to put my mind in focus and how to not put wrong feelings over to Lass. We have not been trialing that much so I kind of miss a plan if you know what I mean.
The job, with the sheep, is one thing. I trust Lass there and I also trust my self that I can handle my dog, but there is so much more detail about trialing.

Anyhow. I hade a early start and the packs before me gave nothing away. Either you could get five heavy sheep that was not so found of walking the course and answerd not so good on the dogs or the more lightfooted ones but still heavy with a clear mind of their own but answerd better for the dogs. Or you could find some of each in the packs. This is my point of view. Maybe someone else on the location don’t agree with me.

Our run? Well, lets say I am happy about my dog, the work dog, the patience she showed. A bit wide but a good outrun and nice lift. The fetch was calm and Lass walked nice with the sheep. The handling on the lines we can’t blame the dog for 😉
When the sheep was at my feet one of the ladies in the group panted like she had been running for 20 minutes or so. And that was not the case. I remember that I did not think she wanted to walk all the way around. Well. first leg I was not very good on the lines but got the gate and had a wide turn. half way through the crossdrive that sheep stopped and the others drifted a bit. I tried having Lass away from the sheep, talking her closer, flanking. But in the end I just let her focus on that sheep and after a few more stop she won the fight and we came to the shedding. It took some time but we did a shed and then on our way toward the pen we run out of time. So that was that. A bit disappointed about not beeing able to fight fair but so happy that Lass did not grip and still moved the sheep.

When I talk about fair, I don’t mean that all sheep should be the same. It is animals we deal with here, it will never be the same. But when it is a championship I think the goal should be to come as close to fair as you can. There where many people with problems that weekend. Sometimes because of the dogs offcourse but the different on the packs was to big for it to be a good trial. If all sheep where heavy and stubborn or if all sheep run like crazy it would have been the same for everyone and the result would come out a little more even I think.

Well, this is just my ideas about how it is 🙂 Now we will soon show a update on Lass and the growing belly 🙂


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