Norwegian Nationals!

Okey, as always facebook and instagram takes the focus of this webside, I always say I’ll try better and then I forget to update… Well. Maybe it is better to not make any promises this time.

Look on the congrats side and you will find most of that has happend there. I also try to put the right information after every pup when they have been health tested or something special has happend.

I just want to say that I am happy for everyone taking good care of your pup from Fyhr’s kennel. Extra fun is it ofcourse when they are doing good on the trialfields! Keep up the good work 🙂

Lass qualified to the Norweigan Nationals this year. On qualification day she was fourth and on sunday, the final, she was also fourth! So happy for Lass that worked well and handled the sheep good.
It was the first time ever in a final and I was really nervous as we had not been training to reach the final. But Happy that Lass is an experienced workdog so it worked out well in the end anyway.

Now it is winter in Norway and we are having a down time. Just enjoying long walks in the forest and when time and weather allows it I am training the two young dogs Mio and Din from Lass second litter with Shep.


From the left is Jon Sand with Fleet (13 in the final), me with Lass (4th in the final) and Arne Sand with Caddy (2’nd in the final)

The winner of the Norwegian Nationals was Runde Landås with Kess and 3’d was Jaran Knive with Siri!


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