Planned litter March 2017

Some change of plans as Lass started her heat a bit earlier than expected, that made me take a litter now instead of waiting until next winter/spring.

She is mated with Kristin Bergan’s Kili. You can find more information here.

Kili is still young, I have seen him both in everyday life and at trials/work. I have also had the chanse to train him a bit together with Kristin and in that way make myself an idea of his qualities.
Kili is mostly working on a farm i Norway, they have around 250 sheep and he is one of the main dogs. On the trailfield he can be a bit much but have done some good runs in opens last year, first day of Nordic Nursery (2016) he came 10th with 94 points.

Kili’ pedigree is full of nice dogs, his father Boss who is a good work and trialdog here in Norway is a litterbrother to Torbjørn Jaran Knives Bea who have very good trialresults. For example was Jaran and Bea 4th on last World Trial. And the father of Boss is Jarans Maico. On the mothers side it goes back to Kevin Evans International Supreme Champion (2008) Mirk.

Kili has Excellent hips (A) and is eyetested clear (Jan 2017). He is CEA Carrier. Lass is CEA Normal.

Here are some more pictures of Kili. Further down you can se Kili’s pedigree.




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