4 years old :)

Lass and Calebs first litter is 4 years old now and they are out doing a lot of good 🙂
And Lass is also a grandmother several times already
Perfect Tough is a father to some litters and Cass is having a litter just now. My Bic also has  6 pups in one litter after him. They are about 2,5 years old and most are working on farms and doing obedience in Norway.
Toughs pups are just coming on, keen on sheep and full speed!
Cass litter is still small, about 4 weeks I think. It is going to be fun to see all these new relatives beeing brought up.

They have competed a bit, Tough has a couple of wins in opens. Very nice 🙂
My Bic is not been trialed so much but is a great work dog, especially in the mountains where he runs long distances and brings the sheep down from hard terrains.
Aibee has started with agility and is doing really good. They also work sheep, she will probably also be mated in the near future.
Cass is I said above home with babies at the moment but normally work with sheep.
and Ell is doing a bit of agility and sheep/cows also 🙂

5 workaholoics! Big congrats on your day!