New page & updates!

I think it is time to take actions against my self and the time I have put in my webage and group on facebook 😛

So from today I have started a page instead of a group on facebook. The group will be deleted in a few weeks and I think this it is a good way to stay in contact with you all. Will be esier to add photos/albums and videos of your pups after the Fyhr´s prefix or relatives to them. Other people also has the chanse to see what we are up to and what our dogs do 🙂

If you want me to add any pictures to my homepage, email them to me!

Please send me results regulary also, it is hard to keep track on everyone now that we have started to grow as a family. Take care in the heat!!


4 years old :)

Lass and Calebs first litter is 4 years old now and they are out doing a lot of good 🙂
And Lass is also a grandmother several times already
Perfect Tough is a father to some litters and Cass is having a litter just now. My Bic also has  6 pups in one litter after him. They are about 2,5 years old and most are working on farms and doing obedience in Norway.
Toughs pups are just coming on, keen on sheep and full speed!
Cass litter is still small, about 4 weeks I think. It is going to be fun to see all these new relatives beeing brought up.

They have competed a bit, Tough has a couple of wins in opens. Very nice 🙂
My Bic is not been trialed so much but is a great work dog, especially in the mountains where he runs long distances and brings the sheep down from hard terrains.
Aibee has started with agility and is doing really good. They also work sheep, she will probably also be mated in the near future.
Cass is I said above home with babies at the moment but normally work with sheep.
and Ell is doing a bit of agility and sheep/cows also 🙂

5 workaholoics! Big congrats on your day!

New pup and trial results!

The summer is almost over and it has been a great summer both in results and in everyday life.
Me and my pack of dogs has now moved to a small farm in Sweden where the plan is to keep some sheep and train som dogs. We are slowly getting the place as we want it.

I have had so much fun these last years. First Scotland and then Norway. Just following my heart and doing what I really want and it has been a blast, now a new chapter is started and we will see where this takes us.

The second litter with Lass has been out a bit on the trialfield. Special congrats to Andreas with Joy-Joy ”Rut” and Elin with Lad, they have had great success with young dogs in open trials. I have started two trials with my Mio and it went well until shedding where I first day pushed the sheep on him and when one sheep tried to take him he took her first 😉 And the other day I had a wrong command in shedding and Mio and one sheep kind of bumped in to each other so i got discualified both days. Happy about Mio working well until that time. Have a couple more starts during fall. But most happy with him during our work in the Norwegian mountains this summer, he is doing great progress and it is fun to train/work him.

Mio had a litter with pups born in april. Got one for myself named Stri (that more or less means stubborn in Norwegian) She is a lot of pup you could say. Happy all the time and much energy. Her mother is Ruby after Mosse Magnusson’s Davey and Lotta Magnusson’s Net. Really like several of Ruby’s siblings and is happy to have that lines myself now.

Lass and I had one trial in june where we actually won. Because of that we qualified to the quarter finals in the Swedish Championship. We did good enough there too and are now qualified to the semi final who will be in end of september. I had no plan running this year because of the move and that it is hard to find the time to go everywhere for training. We do not have our own sheep yet. But with great friends and nabours we have got some training and will try our best!

I am happy that Marlene with Tough (Lass/caleb) also did the qualification. The luck was not with them that weekend tho. But they won an open the other week. I am so happy when ”my” pups are doing great regardless if it is in trial or work.

In other sports Jane with Ivo ”Pipu” (Lass/Shep) is doing great on the trialfield in agility/jumping and Kristin with Robin (also Lass/Shep) is now qualified to class 3 in obedience. Great pups and owners 🙂

Until next time
Take care

Din – For Sale – Sold/Såld

Fyhr’s Din (Lass/Shep) is for sale – SOLD/SÅLD
Here you can see her pedigree/stamtavla

Born/född: 19/11-15
DNA Normal for CEA (parentage/genom föräldrar)
Hips/höfter: A (Excellent)

Din is an easygoing bitch that has a good feeling for sheep. Nice outruns and a good drive.
Started learning to shed and single. Likes to listen but also has a will of her own. Easy to stop. Started with whistles. She has some experience in work with larger packs of sheep.
Is an approved sheepdog in Norway. Ready to bring on in training/work.
Used to kennel and indoors. Likes to go in the car. Fine with people/dogs.
Got some shorter videos of her at work I can send if you are interested.

Din är en förarmjuk tik med bra känsla för får. Fina utgångar och ett bra driv. Har börjat lära sig dela/singla. Hon gillar att lyssna men har oxå en egen vilja emellanåt. Enkel att stanna. Börjat med visslor.
Hon är godkänd vallhund i Norge och redo att ta nästa steg i träningen/arbetet.  Hon har varit med lite i jobb.
Van med både kennel/inomhus. Gillar att åka bil. Funkar bra socialt/andra hundar.
Har några korta videos av henne i arbete som jag kan skicka om intresse finns.

Are you interested please contact me.
Intresserad? Tel: 0047 484 68 459

Lass/Kili pups born

The pups are here. Unfortunately the birth never started proper so we had to do a cesarean. We got the best help from knivebakken clinic in the middle of the night and today Lass and pups are doing great.

I will get in contact with everyone that are interested in a pup during the next days.

It’s 3 males & 4 females. Individual pictures will also come soon 🙂

Fatty Lassie!

Lass has calmed down now for the last bit of the pregnancy, she is heavy. Now I just want to know whats in there so we are chillin these days waiting for the little ones.

Mio & Din had their x-ray results and they where good!
Both got A-hips (Excellent)
Mio got Elbows Excellent too and also eyetested free. Now when the snow have started to melt we hope for better weather so we can train the young ones a little more!

Planned litter March 2017

Some change of plans as Lass started her heat a bit earlier than expected, that made me take a litter now instead of waiting until next winter/spring.

She is mated with Kristin Bergan’s Kili. You can find more information here.

Kili is still young, I have seen him both in everyday life and at trials/work. I have also had the chanse to train him a bit together with Kristin and in that way make myself an idea of his qualities.
Kili is mostly working on a farm i Norway, they have around 250 sheep and he is one of the main dogs. On the trailfield he can be a bit much but have done some good runs in opens last year, first day of Nordic Nursery (2016) he came 10th with 94 points.

Kili’ pedigree is full of nice dogs, his father Boss who is a good work and trialdog here in Norway is a litterbrother to Torbjørn Jaran Knives Bea who have very good trialresults. For example was Jaran and Bea 4th on last World Trial. And the father of Boss is Jarans Maico. On the mothers side it goes back to Kevin Evans International Supreme Champion (2008) Mirk.

Kili has Excellent hips (A) and is eyetested clear (Jan 2017). He is CEA Carrier. Lass is CEA Normal.

Here are some more pictures of Kili. Further down you can se Kili’s pedigree.