Fyhr´s Prins Ivo ”Pipu” (Lass/Shep) is Jumping champion today!
BIG Congrats!

Lass & Caleb litter 4 years old!!

Lass first litter turnes 4 years old today!! Big congrats to Ell, Cass, Abileen, Tough & Bic!

Fyhr’s Din

Din (Lass/Shep) is now a approved sheepdog in Sweden with co-owner Jenny Bucht. Big congrats. They also started a nursery class and came 9th. Well done!

Fyhr’s Perfect Tough

Marlene and Tough won an open the other week! Big congrats 🙂
(Picture stolen from owner 😛 )
They also came first on their club’s championship. Well done!

Fyhr’s Joy-Joy (Rut)

Andreas with Joy-Joy is competing in opens in Norway and doing good. Happy for them 🙂
competed one of the Norwegian series (to qualifie to the norwegian championships) this summer and came topp 10 both days. One day 6th and the other 7th out of 40 competitors! Great job!


Fyhr’s Robin

Robin got his Hip and Elbow results some weeks ago. All was Excellent so that is the 6th pup after Lass/Shep that is free!

Kristin and Robin also started class 1 obedience and got promoted to class2 🙂
And has also started class 2 and got promoted to class 3! Big congrats 🙂

Fyhr’s Lad

Elin with Lad have also been out on the trialfield, but herding is his field. They have tried both the Nursery class and open.

In their first Nursery class they ended up 9th of 40 starters
The open trial was (for Sweden) a difficult trial with many experienced handler and dogs, They ended up 4th of 35 startes. Great job with a young dog!

Fyhr’s Prins Ivo ”Pipu”

What to say?
Jane with Pipu have done amazing in agility and jumping! They have competed on the weekends for only 1 month and are already in Agility AND jumping class 2. They also have one clean run in class 2. Just Wow 😀 😀 😀
They had their debut the day after Pipu turned 18month. Impressive

20-21 May 2017

Big congrats to Jane with Fyhr’s Prins Ivo ”Pipu” who on their debut weekend in agility &
jumping had 3 out of 4 clean runs.

29 March 2017

The fifth Lass/Shep ”pup” have her x-ray result now! She got B for hips and UA on elbows. All good 🙂 Congrats little Fyhr’s Min!

17 March 2017

Fyhr’s Din & Fyhr’s Mio (Lass/Shep) had their x ray results!
Both got Hips: A (Excellent)
Mio also had UA on his Elbows and was eyetested free 🙂

24 Feb 2017

Fyhr’s Lad (Lass/Shep) got his x-ray result. Hips: A (Excellent) and Elbows: UA (Excellent) Happy Happy!!


14 Jan 2017

Congrats to Andreas with Joy-Joy (Lass/Shep) that came 2’nd on Nursery Trial in Sweden!


8 Jan 2017

Andreas with Joy-Joy/Rut (Lass/Shep) passed the norweigian Sheepdogtest (Nursery) today! Congrats 🙂 92 points out of 100!

19 Nov 2016

Today Lass second litter with Shep is 1 year old! Congrats to all 10 of you!


25 Oct 2016

Today my first litter in the kennel are 4 years old! Congrats to all Sue/Davey pup’s 😃 turned out to be a litter that does a little of everything. Herding (both work and trial), agility and obedience! Happy B-day

15 Oct 2016

Big congrats to Marlene with Tough (Lass/Caleb) winner of a open trial (ik2) in Sweden!


1 Oct 2016

Mio (Lass/Shep) got the approved sheepdogtest in Norway 🙂


19 Sept 2016

Also Marlene with Tough (Lass/Caleb) was out on the fields this weekend. They got 4th place in the Swedish young handler championship (herding). Great job

18 Sept 2016

Congrats to Malin with Fyhr’s Mic (Sue/Davey) who got a first price in obedience class 3 today! 259,5 points with a zero on one moment (30 points)
now Mic is competing in elite class


15 Sept 2016

Congrats to Tough, Ell, Aibee, Cass & Bic that are three years old today 🙂


25 Nov 2015

We are happy today 🙂 The last from Lass first litter, Fyhr’s Ell (Lass/Caleb) have done her x-ray. The results are hips – B (good) and elbows UA (excellent).

I am extra happy that all five pups from Lass first litter is free!


19 Nov 2015

Lass gave birth to 10 pups. 7 males and 3 bitches!


25 October 2015

Congrats to all Sue and Davey pups that have their third birthday today!! Hope you all have something special to do today 🙂


19-20 September

Marlene with Tough competed the Swedish Nursery Championships (herding) this weekend. It was two days results put together. Tough, just turned two years old and was one of the youngest dogs in the startfield. It was also their first start on a class 2 course. We are very happy with the results of place 15 of 40 starters!! Great work!!

September 2015

Big congrats to Anne with Fyhr’s Cass (Lass/Caleb) with great x-ray results. Hips A/A and Elbows 0/0! Very happy breeder 🙂

15-16/8 – 15

Lass competed in this years quarter finals for the Swedish Championship. It was 37 starters and two days results was put together. We had 160 points and came on 9th place. The 15 best of this dogs has qualified to the semi finals in october.


 Tough (Lass/Caleb)

Marlene with Tough have qualified to the Swedish nursery dog championships
(herding) this fall and to the Swedish Championships for young handlers! Great work!!



Agility EO – juli 2015

Tobias with Rozz (Lass brother) competed in this years EO. Last year his team took gold. This year Tobbe and Rozz made the final but had 5 fault and ended up on place 21 (of 58). He came first & second in individual agility large and individual combined large. We say – great work!!!


1-2/8 – 15

Marlene with Perfect Tough (Lass/Caleb) finished 6’th and 7th on this weekends IK1 (class one herding). Very well done!!


28/7 – 15

I have forgot to write here that Bic (Lass/Caleb) have been on his x-rays. His results are. Hips: B (good), Elbow excellent.

Fyhr’s Aibileen (Lass/Caleb) has Hips: Excellent, Elbows: Excellent and OCD free. Really good news for this litter. Three out of five is free!


Juni – 15

Malin with Mic (Sue/Davey) came second in jumping class 1! Congrats!

28/3 – 15

Marlene and Tough (Lass/Caleb) had their debut today in agility – jumping class 1. Looking forward to see more from them in the future 🙂


January 2015

Finally some things will happen here… But it will probably take some time for me to get everything in order so that I will be satisfied! But please send me information that is not on here on your dogs so I can make it offical


September – 14

Malin with Mic and class 1 in jumping 🙂 Nice speed!!

10/5 – 14

New health results! Fyhr’s Mic (Sue/Davey) has A (excellent) and UA (Excellent) on hips and elbows!! Congrats!!


9/5 – 14

Sisu (Sue/Hill – not my litter but I am always happy to hear news from Sue’s offspring) became a Finnish jumping champion last weekend!! Big congrats to Helena!!! They had a great competition weekend with many clear runs! I got this video and Helena described it as their ”worst” clean run 😉

4/5 – 14

MicLydnad1We say congrats to Malin with Mic (Sue/Davey) that came on first place today on class 1 obedience competition! Great work!!!

25/3 – 14

CassI got pictures from Cass (Lass/Caleb) 6 month old! How cute 🙂


13/2 – 14

DipSofie1Happy news this morning as Fyhr’s Dip (Sue/Davey) result from his x-ray came! Hips was A (excellent) and also his Elbows was UA (excellent)


February 2014

Sue has moved to another family this month! I wish Sue and her new owner Anki the best of luck!


16/1 – 2014



16/12 2013

Sorry for BAD updates here, many things has happend during these last month. The pups has all moved, I have made a smaller update to the webpage, some of Sue’s pups has been out trialing both in obedience, agility and herding. With good result.

Bic, that is staying here with us is growing and develop in to a young dog. But still he is the pup in the familiy and is learning the pack rules.

RadnaPluppar1Pic above – granny Radna with the littleones!


7/8 2013

Sisu (Sue/Hill) competed in the finnish Championships in Finland in July and did good but got some dropped bars and a DQ. They did have great time so with some more experience they will do even better!!! Sisu also now have 2 agility certificates and won an agility competition for some weeks ago 🙂 Great work!


9/7 2013

Lass passed her eye test! (pic from aug 2011)


4/7 2013

Dixon (Sue/Hill) passed the swedish sheepdog test with 78 points (48 on the fetch) great work! Congrats!!!



27/5 2013

I thought it was a good idea to bring this news-side on! Bring me some news from your competitions and other things you are doing with your dogs!


25 + 26/5 2013

Cornelia with Allan (Sue/Hill) has competed IK1 in Agunnaryd, Sweden this weekend and came 9’th (out of 36) and third (out of 27)! Great work!

allan 31 dec_________________________________________________________________________

May 2013

Sisu (Sue/Hill) has qualified to the Finnish Championships this summer! We cross our fingers for you!



Sisu won two grado 3 agility and agility jumping classes in Spain!