Fyhr’s Bic


Bic is born in the kennel 15/9-2013 (vallreg) and is one energetic dog!

He has, as his mother, a lot of will to hold sheep but not with the same lock on sheep that Lass has. He is often easy to move as I please but also has a great feeling for sheep. He is fast and a natural outrunner with a good room behind the sheep.

He has always been easy to send out and fetch sheep, it has taken him longer to understand the drive but he has always been helpful working with sheep doing all kind of jobs early.
He can still forget the brake when moving sheep… He does not have the quality where he brakes by himself, but the good thing is that he always keep the sheep together. If I don’t hold him back the sheep can sometimes come home a bit fast.


Outside sheep Bic is also very energetic, he is not so independent as his mother and he also stresses a bit with new people. It is a very happy young dog that needs to say hi to everyone that wants to.

Hips: B (Good)
Elbows: UA (Excellent)
Weight: 19,5 kg
Eyes: Free
CEA: Normal for CEA (parentage)

Me and Bic has not found the 100% cooperation on the trialfield yet but we have finnished some opens in Norway.

* 4th in an open in Norway Dec 2016
* 8th in an open in Norway 2016
* 9th in nursery class in Sweden 2015