Lass is born 25/4-2010 (vallreg) and has always been a dog with a lot of energy.
Swedish reg no: REGV1344/2010
ISDS: 00/353119 (ROM)

As a sheepdog she has a lot of koncentration and eye but she is not sticky. She is fast and strong and she loves to work sheep (or cattle/ducks). I have trained her in other sports and she work 100% for any ”pay” (play, tugging, candy – you name it and Lass loves it).

She has a strong will but at the same time wants to do the right thing and never ever stops trying. Lass is a natural outrunner and has great balance to sheep. She can be a bit to puschy sometimes and wants to do the work a bit to fast.

Hips: A (Excellent) and Excellent elbows.
Weight: 15 kg
Hight: About 50 cm
Eyes: Clear (Feb 2018)
Distichiasis (Jan 2017) – A distichia is an eyelash that arises from an abnormal spot on the eyelid. Lass has never had any problems with this and is also the first time the eye tester have found this on her.
CEA: DNA Normal for CEA

* Qualified to the Swedish Championship final 2017, ended 14th
* 4’th place in the Norweigian Championship final 2016
* Qualified to the Norwegian Championships 2016
* Qualified to the Swedish Championship semi final 2015
* Placed top 10 in opens (Sweden & Norway) As best a 2’nd place
* Central Scottish Novice class winner 2012 (total 8th in the qualification to the Scottish Central Nursery team)
* Passed the Swedish Sheepdogtest at 1 year old